Stroke of Luck Art

To Retire or Not?

Many people around 60 years old are considering retiring sooner than later. I have also been entertaining that idea to retire in the next few years. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Message at:

The bird below was drawn and painted by me with acrylic in an art class I took. This red-breasted nuthatch can be seen on Vancouver Island.

10”x8” on stretched canvas. 

I did this concrete lady years ago, but I still have her. I have taken many courses in art and took a woodworking course for women, which I loved.  With concrete molds, one is never sure how it will turn out; her boobs weren't perfect, but whose are? 

charcoal On paper
This Rhino was drawn after I watched a show on the demise of the RHINOCEROS population due to greedy humans. it was a spontaneous drawing, but opened up my world again to art, which I kept on the backburner for so long. priorities.